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IVF Cycle Complications

A plan covering expenses related to the complications from an egg donor retrieval and/or embryo transfer that protects the liability assumed with surrogacy contracts.

Surrogate Accidental Death

Surrogate Accidental Death Insurance is tailored to the contractual needs of Intended Parents, the Surrogate Accidental Death plans offer peace of mind and coverage for loss of reproductive organs, disability, and death of surrogate.

Surrogate Maternity Insurance

Personalized consultations with all parties to determine the best insurance choices to fit your personal needs and situation with a large carrier portfolio including private insurance options.

Profesionals Insurance Options

Now offering professional insurance policies for your business; professional liability, general liability and cyber liability.


The insurance broker and any other persons or agencies are held harmless from any loss or damages arising from health insurance, life insurance, indemnity or supplemental benefits on the surrogate, Intended parent or egg donor being denied or accepted for coverage. New Life Agency, Insurance Agency does not make any representations regarding the insurance policies referenced herein or otherwise and is not in any way responsible for the coverage of such insurance or loss or damages from the denial of any claims under such policies. Health insurance, life insurance, indemnity or supplemental benefits and exclusions can and may change without notice.